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Haunt The House

[Total: 78    Average: 4.4/5]

Sometimes playing a simple unsophisticated game is all you need at the end of the day to unwind and relax. Haunt The House game is entertaining, funny and very simple to play, even a child is able to manipulate the side scroll keys to maneuver the ghostly characters. The game is a puzzle that features ghosts that scare away and kill people with the ultimate goal being to re-posses items in the house during the wee hours of the night before dawn.

Haunt The House is a game that has top notch art and graphic designs that include James the zebra and The blue rabbit pictures which are a classic touch. Catchy phrases are used to make the game more engaging and it is action packed with people jumping off walls and running around on floors and in rooms. An additional feature that allows for other ghosts to share the house with your primary ghost character occasionally is also available.

What gives this game Haunt The House some oomph is its fun element that is depicted by the characters’ reaction when they are sacred away by the ghosts. They portray their horror by scampering away screaming, throwing their hands around and sticking their tongues out in horror. This is a reaction that is very funny and will definitely keep you grinning throughout the game. Haunt The House game also has clever and interesting twists and surprise elements such as when someone unexpectedly kills themselves by jumping through a window on the third or second floors of the house, before the player reaches in time to kill them.

If you play the game well enough killing few people and scaring off more people than you kill, then you might just end up getting the top most reward which is rank A. This game purposes to give you that perfect ending that will leave you satisfied and longing to play again and again.

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